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🇦🇺 Proudly supporting Australian brands since 2016

🇦🇺 Proudly supporting Australian brands since 2016

The Original Wall Sticker Company Watercolour Whales Stickers

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This item ships to Australia only.

These Watercolour Whales removable wall stickers will swim their way around a wall creating a gorgeous feature in a child’s bedroom!  Arrange the whales, splashes and seaweed as you like.

Our wall stickers are Australian-made and printed with water-based inks on a toxin-free fabric with a removable, gum-like adhesive that won’t damage your wall on removal!

Watch these watercolour whales swim and splash around the wall. These 6 whale removable wall stickers create an underwater wall feature for a child’s bedroom.

  • Material: Matte fabric wall stickers with a peel and stick, removable adhesive
  • Contents: 21 stickers to arrange; 6 whales, seaweeds, water splashes x2 and 2 sets of hat and bowties that are optional extras.
  • Sizes:  Orca whale 71 x 38cm, Sperm whale 69 x 48cm, Blue whale 73 x 43cm, Narwhal 36 x 51cm, Beluga whale 41 x41cm, Bowhead whale 55 x 29cm. Seaweed 24 x 58cm, 39 x 55cm, 28 x 31cm and 2x 13 x 48cm
  • Colours: Available in the one colour way. Contact Us for custom colours.
  • Application: Simple peel and stick application, see below for more details