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Nanna G's Rusk & Fruit Stick Holder

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This item is locally supplied and ships to Australia only.

All parents of babies and toddlers will understand how infuriating it is when their babies drop rusks on the floor. The frustration of Mum’s and Dad’s in having to constantly bend to pick up dropped rusks. These dirty rusks are being wasted and tossed in the bin. What a waste of money!

A Brisbane Mother/Grandmother who has 5 adult children and 7 grandchildren had a lightbulb moment 13 years ago when she was continually picking up dropped rusks from her first grandchild. She came up with the design for a rusk holder which holds the rusk and attaches to the babies clothing.

The baby can then be independent in retrieving it themselves. Great for baby and even better for Mum’s and Dad’s who no longer need to retrieve discarded rusks!

Apart from no longer wasting rusks, it is essentially cleaner and saves money. Parents love that it is BPA free and can also be used for fruit sticks and other foods.