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Unimom Nipple Shells

by Unimom
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This item is locally supplied and ships to Australia only. 

Unimom Nipple Shells are designed to protect sore or wounded nipples from chafing on your clothes. The ventilated front allows air to circulate through for quicker healing.


  • Assemble the shell cover with the membrane.

  • Place nipple sells inside bra with the airway holes on the upper side.

  • Place membrane hole on the centre of your nipple.


Each shell comes with an internal absorption sponge to stop leakage to clothing. The soft silicone membrane provides extra comfort and prevents irritation.
Wash all with Unimom bottle wash and hot water. Rinse with boiling water and leave to drip dry. Squeeze sponge out once cooled. Do not use microwave steriliser.