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Newborn Infant Anti Roll Pillow

Original price $24.26 - Original price $42.12
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$24.26 - $42.12
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Color: Beige


1、In particular, the baby will get used to sleeping on the side of the head. When the baby is small, the skull is not yet developed. It is softer and therefore particularly prone to head tilt. This is difficult to recover, and even serious causes flat head syndrome. It has an impact in life.

2、This adjustment pillow can maintain a balanced growth of the baby's head shape. The special design allows the baby to turn left or right, and the hollow design has enough space for the baby to adjust to the comfortable state with the sleeping position. And even if the baby sleeps, it will not hinder the child's breathing.

3、The soft support protects the baby's head, and the special design industry does not oppress the baby's ears, giving the baby a great sense of security. The shape of love is quite beautiful, just like letting your baby sleep in the love of mom and dad.


[Size] about 21*19CM*3cm

[Fabric] 92% cotton, 8% polyester fiber, filled with whole-chip sponge

[age age] 0-18 months

Package Content:

1 x  Baby pillow