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🇦🇺 Proudly supporting Australian brands since 2016

🇦🇺 Proudly supporting Australian brands since 2016

Bubba Blue MILK 2ply Muslin Wrap

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This item is locally supplied and ships to Australia only.

Introducing MILK.

Bubba Blue’s luxuriously soft baby collection made from a unique blend of Azlon (Milk Fibre)* and Cotton.

The Bubba Blue Milk Collection is skin friendly, breathable and has a luxuriously soft feel like no other.

The Bubba Blue MILK Muslin Wrap is great for swaddling or for a multipurpose cloth e.g as a shade cloth on your pram.
Convenient large size.


What makes Bubba Blue MILK so unique? 

  • Skin Friendly - contains 17 amino acids  
  • Luxuriously Soft & Comfortable    
  • Antibacterial       
  • Moth & Age Resistant      
  • Breathable

How is Milk Fibre Made?

1. Liquid Milk
Liquid Milk is sourced from dairy farmers

2. Dewatered, skimmed and synthesized
The milk is turned into spinning fluid

3. Dissolved and Purified
The Milk protein is turned into fibers using a wet spinning technique

4. Production

Milk fibers are combined with natural cotton to create a luxuriously soft product perfect for baby.


Cotton/Azlon (Milk Fibre)
Milk Fibre is classified as a ‘human-made, regenerated’ fibre
made from milk protein and can also be called Azlon Milk Fibre.          

Note: Fibre contents listed are exclusive of trims.