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Bowknot Baby Shoes

Original price $42.51 - Original price $42.51
Original price
$42.51 - $42.51
Current price $42.51
Color: Blue

Size reference table (Coco mom's small shoe store)
Sole code label 12 14 16
Shoe length 11cm 12cm 13cm
Reference month age 0-6month 6-10month 10-16month

The age of the month is for reference only, each baby's foot development is different, it is recommended to measure the baby's barefoot length will be more accurate
Look at the inner length to buy, the number of yardage varies from manufacturer to manufacturer
● Warm reminder: the length of the baby's bare feet +0.5 to 1cm = the inner length of the shoes marked by the store (the inner length of the sandals does not include the edging)