Belly Bunker

 10 weekly payments of $8.70
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  • Specialist Approved
  • Safe
  • Phthalate Free
  • Health Benefit for you and baby
  • Fit for all trimesters
  • Waterproof
  • Foldable
  • Transportable

  • Physical and mental stress
  • Pressure release
  • Back pain
  • Specialist appointments
  • During labour
  • Antenatal classes
  • Turn baby to ideal birth position

  • Naps and long night sleeps
  • MassagesIn the pool
  • On the beach
  • Exercise and yoga
  • On holiday
  • TV veg out

We believe every woman should experience the many health and leisure benefits of laying on your tummy while pregnant. Especially in the third trimester and final weeks as encouraged by My Midwives Australia, leading obstetricians and antenatal specialists. 

WHY? Extreme comfort aside… for its many health benefits…

1. This position will RELEASE THE PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STRESS off your body. It is the only position that takes the pressure off all your organs, muscles, bones, arteries and ligaments. 

2. Laying on your tummy helps baby gravitate into the OPTIMAL POSITION FOR BIRTH.

3. REDUCES BACK PAIN. Whilst using the Belly Bunker support band this will create a weightless feeling relieving pain associated with carry baby weight.

4. The foldable design allows you to pop in the car and take anywhere without the hassle of inflating and deflating every time. Ideal for SPECIALIST APPOINTMENTS such as massages, physiotherapy and chiropractic to ensure you receive the best and most comfortable treatments possible.


Best SUPPORT BAND you’ll ever read about right here…. And IT”S FREE!

Imagine this. The band slips over the bed around the belly hole and acts like a hammock for your baby. Taking the babies weight, supporting your skin and relive the pressure off your back and spine. Oh that weightless feeling! 

It is Belly Bunker’s unique, well thought out design and functionality that makes it their number 1 and only choice.

All amazing health benefits aside, let talk about the fun! Your Belly Bunker will keep you doing all the tummy activities you loved before the bump. Yay!

So relax beautiful mamma and go to the beach for that vitamin D hit, take that book to the park, sip that mocktail in the pool, embrace that inner queen at yoga and don’t forget to take it on your baby moon!

Now who are we kidding... It’s time to take your bra off, grab the chippies and get on your tummy! You’ve got a date with Netflix.