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🇦🇺 Proudly supporting Australian brands since 2016

🇦🇺 Proudly supporting Australian brands since 2016

Babyhood Breathe Eze 4 Sided Ezi Flow Cot Bumper - White

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This item is locally supplied and ships to Australia only.

The babyhood Ezi Flow Cot Bumper is designed to help prevent entrapment hazards within the cot. The specially designed bumper combines aero mesh fabric for breathability and a semi-elastic stretch for a tight and secure fit. The bumper is easy to install and arrives in two parts. A long part to cover 3 sides (one long & two short) and a short part for the drop side of your cot. The two-part design allows you to still use you drop-side while ensuring your baby’s limbs are secure within the cot. The aero mesh design allows for continuous airflow and hence maintaining breathability.


  • Mesh sides allow for continuous airflow
  • Special design weave mesh provides protection from accidents
  • Fits most cots and cradles
  • Reduces entrapment of your baby’s arms and legs
  • Soft satin finished edges make it stylish for your baby’s nursery
  • New velcro installation