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Baby Sleep Positioning Pillow

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Color: White

[Specification] Length: 40CM Width: 31CM

  [suitable for age] for 0-4 months baby

[Material] Mesh + Fireproof Seam (Comprehensive environmentally friendly materials, CE safety certification, no harm to the baby

[Commodity Description] Baby put milk sleeping pad integrates the advantages of all kinds of baby sleep system mattresses. The head position of the sleeping pad is higher than other parts, which can help the baby to breathe smoothly and help digestion and reduce the occurrence of spitting milk.

The sleeping pad is made of 100% pure cotton velvet, which can be machine washed, soft and comfortable to ensure the baby's comfort. The patented curved armrest prevents the baby from slipping off the sleeping pad.

Suitable for baby from 0-4 months of the month (can be used within 6 months, 6 months will turn over, can not be used)

The special structure design allows the baby to breathe and digest more smoothly. When the baby will turn over, the mother will not be afraid that the baby will fall if she walks away temporarily.