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🇦🇺 ✨ End of Year SALE is now On + Free Shipping ✨ 🇦🇺

🇦🇺 ✨ End of Year SALE is now On + Free Shipping ✨ 🇦🇺

Babyhood Aussie Collection Kangaroo 13"

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This item is locally supplied and ships to Australia only.

The perfect image of outback Australia is a cute kangaroo hopping across the horizon. Kangaroos are the world’s largest marsupials and can weigh up to 90kgs and can grow two metres tall. They have pouches where their joey is raised, drinking milk, just like our human babies.


Kangaroos are very much like our human toddlers too, who are often active between dusk and dawn – as they remind us that they need one more glass of water or a need a snack or need us to read one more book for them – all parents of toddlers can relate.


Our much-loved kangaroo is the very first of our Aussie Collection crafted with beautiful details and with much love for our Aussie outback animals.


We use all new luxurious and engaging textiles to ensure you can help your toddler explore, discover and learn through sensory experiences. Sensory skills are responsible for receiving information from the environment through our toddler’s inherent senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and very importantly touch. Your child’s motor skills then allow their little bodies to express the information received and can bring about enhanced cognitive development and functioning – hence learning through play.


Renowned Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget describes these early stages of development as one in which ‘infants are busy discovering relationships between their bodies and the environment’.


Our 12” toys are the perfect gift for any toddler and make a great accent in any child’s stylish bedroom.



  • Beautiful Australian design
  • Luxurious textiles
  • Learning through sensory play
  • Mum and baby together
  • Large size
  • Perfect gift for a toddler
  • Tested for flammability
  • Tested for strength
  • Tested for harmful chemicals
  • Tested to EN 71 – Safety of Toys
  • Tested to AS/NZS 8124.1-3:2016


We recommend our toys are used by children 12 months and older.


As our toddlers love to suck and try and eat everything in their path we also recommend parental supervision during play, at all times. For additional safety, check toys regularly for signs of damage during use.


We recommend safe sleeping practices including that our toys are not placed in a cot with a baby to sleep.


We recommend delicate hand washing or cold gentle machine wash in a washing bag. Do not use any chemicals. Line dry. No dry clean.