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What is Baby Teething?

Teething is when your baby is experiencing the growth of its first teeth. Your newborn may have some discomfort and rubbing on the gums gently can aid the teething process. Symptoms can last from a few days up until a few months, depending on your baby's development. This is a natural phase in your baby’s development and should be prepared for as a new parent. Thankfully, there are many products which make teething a little easier for your bub. We have a range of teething accessories which allow for easy application and a gentle transition into the next phase. 

Teething Products Reviewed

We have a range of teething products available including gloves, pacifiers and roller beads. If you have a glove, then you can assist your little one by gently rubbing on their gums as they begin to get new teeth through. Whereas, if you prefer a pacifier, then the baby has control over how their gums are stimulated. These are also useful in getting the baby to sleep or to pacify them if they are agitated etc.  We have a full range of Idabel chewable teethers… These are super useful, made from 100% food grade silicone and are BPA free. They are bacteria resistant and odourless, so your little one can use them until they grow up a bit. When they get to the stage of losing their teeth, we have a beautiful tiger safe storage kit for teeth your little one might lose. They can then keep them safe and keep track of their development over time.

Use Afterpay or Zippay To Buy Teethers

We know as parents how important it is to budget for your newborn's development. All of our collections are available with Zippay or Afterpay, which means you can browse our pacifiers, teething accessories, gloves, mitts, and toys and then checkout with these portals. You will be able to make the purchase without paying now but repay these items in fortnightly instalments interest-free. Sounds good right? Join thousands of Aussie families who take advantage of these services every day and get your little one the teething equipment they need.


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