See Our Great Collections Of Silicone Teething Jewellery

We have collected a great range of silicone jewellery, necklaces, bangles and beads for new mums. These are perfect for matching with your maternity wear or when you have a newborn and they are moving through their teething stages of development. Most of our products here are made with 100% certified food-grade silicone, so in case your little one wants to chew on something (which they often do), or accidentally stick these in their mouth, your bub is safe and so is your necklace. What makes these even more practical is that they are made from durable nylon and are designed with a safety clasp, so they are easily released when pulled. These are specifically designed for new and expecting mums, knowing that everything changes when you become a parent but it doesn't mean you can't still have incredible fashion and matching accessories. They are simple in design and easily adjustable by tying both sides of the cord at shorter lengths and then cutting the excess off. If you need to clean them you can do this effortlessly by soaking them in warm soapy water and then letting them dry out on a paper towel or tissue. For additional information on the specific products, check out our product descriptions and get something matching today.

Buy Silicone Necklaces & Silicone Bangles Online

Our silicone jewellery, bangles and necklaces are all child friendly, so you can simply purchase them online. We know that there is a lot to consider and a lot you need when you are becoming a parent. Often, people checkout with a bundle of goods they might need for their newborn or going through pregnancy; as such, we have made credit available to our customers without interest. You simply checkout with Zippay or Afterpay and get an automated payment plan set up effortlessly. So relax, get some bangles and whatever else you need for your newborn and yourself and have a happy shopping day!