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Other Safety

Other Safety

See Our Collection of Thermometers, Hand Sanitiser & Baby Weighing Scales

We stock a great range of easy to use and very accurate digital thermometers and scales. For our thermometers, you can get the best for less at your one stop shop for bubs and families. They can provide a temperature for different contexts, including body, surface or air temperature, so you have all bases covered and can adequately monitor your bubs health, your own, the environment and more. A great feature of these devices is that they have alarms enabled so you are warned when things get higher than 38 degrees.

The technology is smart and family-friendly, to keep everyone monitored and in the safety zone. They are made from ABS plastic and you can apply them to the forehead to get a reading. 

Our digital scales are specifically designed for weighing newborns with 20 kg weighing capacity and provides increments in 10 grams so you can stay abreast of your baby’s development. This can also be used to weigh in puppies or kittens and fit for your nursery or the bathroom. You can change the weighing measurement unit from grams, to pounds and kilograms, so whatever you are comfortable with or whatever suits the context is considered. They have a large LED display so you can easily track your newborn's weight over time and it has hold functions and non-slip material which makes it easier to use.

Advantages of Bed Rails & Corner Guards

It goes without saying that bed rails prevent bodies from falling off the bed accidentally. However, as the modern bed changes and the context changes also, we have different designs to suit all situations.

Browse our collection to get the latest in bed rail technology and products which are changing the game. Furthermore, when it comes to protection for your family or from damage from your pets, corner guards are an excellent addition. Wherever you have sharp edges or corners, mark them off and then get the appropriate product to protect your family today.

Use Afterpay or ZipPay To Buy Thermometers, Weighing Scales & Bed Rails

Thermometers, weighing scales, bed rails and corner guards are all super important in protecting your family or looking out for their health and safety. These are essential items and at some stage most families will probably need a few of these for their homes.

Accordingly, we want this to be easy for you so we have partnered with the best suppliers of these products and offer these purchases through payment plans with Afterpay and Zippay. You can checkout as you normally would and use these services to set up an automatic plan without interest; sounds cool right? This is just another family first service here at Bubs Warehouse, so we hope you have a great shopping day today.


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