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Nursing Pillows & Covers

Nursing Pillows & Covers

The Difference Between Nursery Pillows & Memory Foam Pillows

Nursery Pillows are designed for comfort when feeding your baby. Your newborn can lay in the pillow while you feed them or you can use it yourself as support. The memory foam designs we have have an adjustable wrap-around function, so you can support your little one while feeding. The memory foam actually adjusts to your preferred position, weight and size of your baby and adapts to their changing body. It is a much more luxurious option for breastfeeding support and is definitely worthwhile if you have a budget for it.

Advantages Of Adjustable Arm Pillow

We also have adjustable arm pillows for sale. You can get the latest arm pillows online at Bubs Warehouse. These padded armbands are perfect for positioning your bub at the breast which is critical when it comes to feeding time. Getting the right position and maintaining a comfortable arm position while feeding can be a source of frustration and irritation for new mums. However, with the aid of this particular product, you can get your bub feeding and suckling effortlessly.

Shop Online For Nursery Pillows, Memory Foam Pillows & Adjustable Arm Pillows

With the growth of parenting accessories and feeding accessories online, there are just more options and needs for new mums. We have done our best to bring you a range which is practical and excellent quality for the best value available. In doing so, we have commissioned Afterpay, Latitude Pay & Humm to provide credit services for you. You can simply checkout and make a purchase now, while paying off the purchase over time with no interest applicable. So, you are getting what you need now while still maintaining the budget requirements you have. This is just another way we are looking out for families here at Bubs Warehouse.


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