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Kooshy Kids

Remember travelling before kids? Tanning, drinking, eating, sight-seeing and flying were relatively easy...and then you have kids and boy-o-boy do they change the whole 'vibe' of a 'holiday'. So many families choose not to travel due to the stress and hard work involved. 

I wanted to provide families with the confidence to travel again and also provide a one-stop-shop for families with innovative travel products designed to take the stress out of family travel...and so Kooshy Kids was born. 

Kooshy Kids has managed to overcome the Covid "hurdle" and I am now ready to once again provide families with the best travel entertainment and comfort options as well as a new hygiene range to help to alleviate your Covid travel concerns. 

So far Kooshy Kids has serviced over 20,000 families (Australian and beyond).

I am excited to let you know that I have several new products in the pipeline so that we can help out many, many this space!


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