Baby Highchairs & Booster Seats Online

We have an extensive range of baby highchairs and booster seats. Most of our chairs have multiple functions all in 1. For example, our pod chairs have removable trays for ease of access and serving meals, plus cleaning up. Also, they have adjustable heights, so you can get your little one at table level, mid range for toddlers and low for junioir rocking mode. They are portable and easy to store. Additionally, they have a modern finish so they will fit with your decor. If you want something more playful, we have an array of colours to choose from also. At Bubs we cater to as many tastes as we can, while maintaining a popular collection and keeping things simple enough so you aren’t overwhelmed with choice. We have some specialty brands such as Acacia and Coda, so you can rely on the products you browse in our catalogue.

If you need a booster seat for your little one, then you have definitely come to the right section of our store. Our Primo Hook on Chair seat is a super popular item as you can transport the seat easily and it securely hooks onto your table, desk or benchtop, depending on the parameters. It’s really easy to store and foldable of course, while supporting 6-24 month olds and a max weight of 15 kgs, so your like one can sit wherever you are and enjoy the atmosphere.  

The Benefits of Bubs Safety Harnesses

Our Safety Harnesses are some of the best in the business. We have carefully selected our range so you can rely on the best without the stress of comparing products from different stores and ranges. We make things simple by giving you what has been highly recommended and is already selling well. Our safety harnesses are made of Nylon and are comfortable for bub while securing them in their chair during feeding. We have considerate designs to maximise accessibility and improve the overall experience while maintaining the practicality of mealtime feeding or sitting in a higher chair.

Use Afterpay or Zippay To Buy Booster Seats, Highchairs & Safety Harnesses

With all the accessories and furniture one needs for their newborn, it can get overwhelming and quite costly budgeting for the needs and wants of your family. So here at Bubs we are looking after parents just like you who would like to make everything a little easier. We have arrangements with Zippay and Afterpay, so you can go through our selection and make a purchase based on what you really want, then checkout and be placed on a payment plan without interest. This way, you can get what you need now and pay later for your products. Another reason to choose Bubs as your one stop baby shop.

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