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Baby Formula & Baby Foods

Baby Formula & Baby Foods

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Choosing the right formula for your baby will depend on their development and needs. Be sure you seek medical advice from your doctor or health nurse prior to purchase. There are 4 main different types of baby formulas derived from cows milk, goats milk, hydrolysed protein, and soya bean. You can check the ingredients and the type of the formula in the product description.

Most baby formulas are made from cows milk. Second in popularity is goat milk-based formula and such types are often produced with the same nutritional standard as cows milk formulas.

Goats milk formula is often suitable if babies have allergies to some compounds in the cows milk derivative, so it can suit some infants more than others while still containing a lot of the nutritional value of cows milk formulas. Then, you can also get fully and partially hydrolysed protein formulas, which are designed for babies who have an intolerance or allergic reaction to cows milk and who may not suit goats milk. In these formulas, largely still derived from cows milk, the proteins which cause allergies are broken down or "hydrolysed" making it easier for the baby to digest. I

If you think your baby has an intolerance or allergic reaction to cows milk formula, this may be a suitable option (always consult your doctor or child health nurse prior to using formulas or changing formulas to make sure you are making a safe and healthy decision for your little one).  Finally, there are soy-based formulas which you might choose for cultural, religious or medical reasons. Always make sure you consult your child health nurse or doctor prior to choosing the formula for your newborn or child.  


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