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Diffusers & Humidifiers

Diffusers & Humidifiers

Diffusers & Ultrasonic Humidifiers Online

We have a range of aroma diffusers and ultrasonic humidifiers available from trusted brands such as Devanti. If you are unsure or need something which does it all, it’s worth considering our 4-in-1 models.

These wooden aroma diffusers are everything you need and have been well received by Australian families. They combine four components including Aromatherapy and act as a  humidifier, purifier, and night light. These are super adaptable and suit most modern living rooms, nurseries and bedrooms. They have a vase like design and wooden exterior which gives a classic and modern feel at the same time. They are simple to use for aromatherapy, all you need to do is add 5 or more drops of essential oil and then let the product do its magic.

The mist it emits is ultra fine and cool, so this is perfect for the modern family. There are 2 mist variations too, so you can adjust it for your preference. It also has variations for working time, so you can adjust the on/off modes and optimise it for your needs.

An important part of this product is that it is value driven for the modern day family, meaning you can get high humidity with this product for low energy consumption and of course it is competitively priced too. It’s also super quiet, so it won’t disturb your baby, your book or your guests at any given point. With the 4-in-1, you get everything you need in one product.

The Benefits Of Air Purifiers

The reason why people purchase air purifiers is because they are designed to clean the air from harmful allergens, particles from smoke and other impurities in the environment of your house or baby's room. They can assist in easier breaths for you and your family and can reduce headaches, drowsiness etc. caused by poor air quality. This is all on a case by case basis; however, this is the intent of air purifiers.

Buy Wood Aroma Diffusers, Ultrasonic Humidifiers and Air Purifiers Online

We have an impressive collection of aroma diffusers, humidifiers and air purifiers for Australian families to purchase. Many people browse Bubs Warehouse's extensive range of maternity, household and baby goods and create a bundle order to checkout with. If you need help budgeting then we have the perfect solution for you so you can get your diffusers and humidifiers online today, easily creating a payment plan with a few clicks through Afterpay, Latitude Pay and Humm. Just checkout as you normally would, then select these options as you go through the checkout stages and then pay off your purchase over time without interest.

We Have A Great Variety of Diffusers and Humidifiers For You To Choose From

It is essential to maintain healthy and comfortable air quality for your baby, which is why you will need a humidifier and diffuser. Locally, we have the best you can find in the market and what's even better is that you can get a high-quality diffuser or humidifier at a very affordable price.

Bubs Warehouse is an Australian-based and family-run company that is managed by parents for parents. We have the experience, which is why you will find the perfect selection at our stores. We understand your needs as a parent, and we make available everything you will require to raise your baby with minimum difficulty. Even though we are based in Australia, we collect diffusers and humidifiers from the best manufacturers in and outside the country. Our wooden 4-in-1 aroma diffusers are particularly popular as they have three extra functions; a night light, humidifier and purifier. They also have a classic and modern design that easily blends in with any baby nursery or living room. You can get one from our store at a very affordable price. The best part is, you don’t have to pay for it instantly. You can always use Afterpay to pay in affordable instalments over a few weeks.



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