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At Bubs Warehouse, we have an impressive range of furniture and hardware for your little prince or princess. We have a much broader range of collections in our nursery menu as above. To see what we have on offer, browse from our homepage to get dedicated links on the latest apparel needs and specific collections. If you are looking for chairs and tables, armchairs or kids recliners, then you are in the right collection. We have some leading designs and products from international and Australian brands which are top quality and with a warehouse price tag, so you can afford to spoil your little ones this month. For a leading design and value, be sure to check out our reclining chairs at the top of the section. They are made from top quality PU leather which is not only comfortable but super easy to clean with wipe offs. As it’s from an Australian manufacturer, you get 12 months warranty on these items, so you can have peace of mind and be assured that you are getting a reliable and durable product.

Baby, Toddler & Kids Couch, Sofa & Bean Bags In Australia

We actually have quite a considerable range of bean bags, couches, sofas and loungers as well for your children. Mini Beanz is an award winning supplier here in Australia and we have top reviews from their products. One of our most sort after bags, is thetoddler red bean bag which has become one of the most popular sellers for them. Mini Beanz Also have some super comfy couches and sofas, so be sure to check out the range below. They are one of the more cost effective suppliers in the market, so you get warehouse value while providing your toddlers with leading products. We also have some funky animal stools for the littles ones’ nursery. They are suitable for all ages but are generally for young kids or toddlers to sit on or play with. They have thick sponge padding and solid wooden legs, so they are durable and suitable for all ages.

ZipPay & Afterpay Childrens Stools, Armchairs, Chairs And More Online

It’s important for parents to be able to budget for their children's happiness. We cannot always get everything straight away for our kids, especially with so many expenses to consider. At Bubs, we are parents too and so we know the importance of having more flexible payment options online. So, we have partnered with Zippay and Afterpay to make your life a little easier. These payment providers allow you to check out without paying now. You simply place your order and effortlessly checkout, then pay off your purchase in interest-free instalments. It’s like taking the wait out of layby, where you can give your kids what they need now and pay for the purchase later on.