Boys Swimwear & Beach Shoes

So when it comes to getting the best swimwear for your baby boy, there are a number of things worth considering: where he is going to swim, comfort, design, etc. We have shortlisted some of the leading product types in this category to bring you the cream of the crop. In particular, we have a great array of splash pants, waterproof diapers and floater vests for boys. The brands we have partnered with such as Ocra are recognised leaders in the industry. We have neoprene wetsuits if you have a little surfer in the family or just to keep him warm in the nippy ocean side weather. We have specialty designed UV Combie suits which offer up to 50 + SPF protection for a growing boy, so you can keep his skin soft and supple and protect him against sunburn. A lot of our beachside wear are tried and tested and heavily reviewed by our parents and toddlers alike. We only maintain products which have this standard and receive excellent feedback from parents.

What Are Goggles Used For & Inflatable neck floats?

We have a great set of googles for your little man. You can apply these in the ocean or in swimming pools. The benefits of these include easily adjustable straps and anti fog technology. They are suitable for children up to 6 years old and are widely loved by Aussie bubs and toddlers. We also have a range ofinflatable neck floats to keep the little ones above the surface. You can apply it to your baby or toddler and have them comfortably floating in the pool or any body of water. We always recommend being with your children as they swim, no matter what the conditions are, as a safe bub is a happy bub.

Comfortable Boys Swimwear, Beach Shoes & Goggles Online

We have some superior beach shoes and booties which your baby boy can rock at the beach. These designs are funky and they will protect your bubs' feet against hot sand, sharp rocks and much more at the beach. This range from Minnow Designs, provides all the latest technology of adult booties in a smaller and more specially designed shoe for kids. They boast neoprene material, are soft and pliable and are super comfortable for the little one. Minnow Designs are a leading supplier for these beach shoes and at Bubs we have a special relationship with them which means we can forward you savings off the products in this range.

Furthermore, as parents we have learned to budget for our children’s expenses. The most useful services to assist new parents in providing for their families are Afterpay and Zippay. You can use them for any purchase on Bubs Warehouse, where you select the items you would like to purchase and then checkout seamlessly with one of these options. You will then get the purchase processed as per usual but you will not need to pay now; instead repaying the items over time without extra duty.

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