Baby Potties, Bathers & Baby Bath Tubs Online

While we have different potties and baby baths for all your needs, there are some particularly popular items which we thought we might share with you. The My Size Potty has a range of practical functions to get your little one adjusted to loo time. For example, as it replicates an adult sized toilet, then your little one gets used to the idea of going to the toilet in this kind of toilet model. So it's preparing them for growing up. The potty also comes with an imitation flush so they are rewarded for doing a good job on the loo. It has a removable bowl for quickly cleaning the do-do and a flip up lid so we can get them toilet trained quickly! In addition, it has a clip on splash guard for boys to safeguard the floor and clothing. This product is suitable for babies from 18 months until they can use the real toilet and supports a weight of 11 kgs. It is a terrific gift for a new family or an expecting mum or for your own children of course!

The Doomoo inflatable baby bath is another one for travel and ease of use. You can simply inflate the baby bath and give your little one a wash when you need. It’s designed for newborns of a weight between 3-7 kgs. It’s super easy to inflate this product, clean it, store it, and use it too. It can be used for travel or for home, so all bases are covered.We also have an impressive range of baby bathers for sale which will make bath time super easy and enjoyable.

Highchairs & Change Mat Covers

Our Charli high chairs are super practical, in boosting your bub to table level and giving them the opportunity to be a part of the dinner table conversation (jokes..). They have a 2-in-1 function in that they act as a bath time chair and then also a high chair. So this multipurpose range of functions has made the Charli chair a leader in the industry and a favourite for Aussie family households. Furthermore, we have great change mat covers by Bambella, so you can protect your change table and have a soothing, comfortable cover for change times. Another reason why Bubs has got you covered from all angles including when its change time.

Buy Baby Bathers, Baby Bath Mattresses & Baby Potties Online

If you are after any of the below products from baby bathers, baths, potties, high chairs and more, then you can take advantage of any of these products and explore our other collections with Afterpay or ZipPay. You simply select what you want then checkout with either of these options and you will be put on an automatic payment plan, repaying your purchase over time with no interest. With these amazing services, Bubs continues to help parents budget for what their families deserve and need today.  

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