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Your guide to an unforgettable gender reveal party

Your guide to an unforgettable gender reveal party

Finding out the gender of your baby is an exciting part of any pregnancy. Whether you wait until the moment they finally arrive or find out during your pregnancy journey, it’s a moment that you will never forget.

From smoke canons to confetti explosions, revealing the gender of a baby has become a social media sensation over the recent years, evolving from a “it’s a ____” announcement post-birth to a showstopping celebration for the entire family to enjoy.

So, how do you create a gender reveal party to remember? Here’s our top tips to get started.

Set the date

It’s obvious that every party requires a party date but when it comes to gender reveal celebrations, it’s important that the date aligns with your doctor’s appointments. Ensure you’ve made it to week 18-20 of your pregnancy to ensure your ultrasound specialist can effectively identify the gender of your baby. Have them write boy or girl on a piece of paper (keeping it a surprise of course!) and either hand it someone you trust or the vendor taking care of your big reveal (such as a cake maker or person filling your reveal balloon).

The big reveal

Once your little one’s gender has been revealed, now it’s all about how you and your party attendees are going to find out! A simple scan of Pinterest will show you the dozens of ways parents-to-be have revealed their baby’s gender including coloured cake frosting, giant balloon popping, confetti explosions and even smoke canons! Fortunately, we’ve you got covered with a selection of exhilarating gender reveal items including oversized balloons, exploding golf balls and dual confetti and smoke canons to ensure your big moment goes off with a bang (literally).

Registry or no registry?

Your big moment is an exciting occasion for all of your loved ones so it’s no surprise they want to shower you with gifts! The question is, do you let them know exactly what you need and want? Setting up a registry or wish list for your party guests is a fantastic way of avoiding unnecessary double-ups and helping you set up your nursery with those special items you’ve had your eye on.

Take a moment to browse the Bub’s Warehouse website and start adding items to your wish list. That way, you can make gift giving practical AND easy for your party guests!

Bring a book

A gender reveal gift we absolutely love is replacing greeting cards with books. On your party invitations, ask your guests to bring a book instead of a congratulations card and start building your little one an ultra-impressive library. This is so special because you can ask your loved ones to write a message in the front page of the book so you and your baby will always remember who shared each magical story with you. Whether it’s a book from their childhood, one their own children loved or even just a book with a meaningful message, the bring a book party trend is one we hope stays around forever!

A new twist on party games

Let’s face. The classic games seen at gender reveal and baby shower parties can be a bit cringe-worthy for some! An activity that everyone will love to get involved in is decorating their very own onesie for your baby. All you need is a selection of plain rompers (our boy and girl collections have you covered), washable markets and some iron on patches. Set up a station at your event for partygoers to design their very own onesie and hang them up for all to see. Not only do you score yourself some bespoke outfits, but your guests will have a tonne of fun creating their own masterpiece.

When it’s time for your big reveal day, Bub’s Warehouse is here to make every moment unforgettable.

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