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Your Baby’s Milestones

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Parents are always excited about the first time their baby does something. It is a big deal when the bundle of joy smiles for the first time, or says their first word (everyone always expects it to be ‘mama’), or stands up in their cot or starts to crawl on their knees. These first-time events are called developmental milestones, and they show that your baby is growing. Here are the stages of development you should look out for in your baby:

12-18 MONTHS - See our Report Cards And Journals Here 

At this stage, babies are considered to toddlers. Their sizes and growth charts will differ, depending on their health and diets. To reach their milestones as expected, toddlers need to feel loved and supported. They should be fed well and given at least twelve hours of sleep every twenty-four hours.

Between 12-18 months, your baby may start standing without support. This is also when most toddlers begin to walk and explore their surroundings.

The baby may have some considerable control over their hands and legs, and you may notice this when they try to help you dress them, use a pencil or even drink from a cup.

18-24 MONTHS - Keepsakes Journals

Some of the developments in this stage are very important in your baby’s general growth. By this time, the toddler will be walking and running around the house without your help. They may also attempt to go up and down the stairs alone but may result in using their arms too.

They start showing preference in using one hand over the other and want to take over some of your duties such as feeding and undressing. The toddlers may also show some development emotionally, and you will notice that they have developed likes and dislikes. They may show feelings of anger, shame, excitement, and some even start being deliberately defiant.

AT 3 YEARS - Report cards

At this age, the toddler accomplishes more emotional milestones and starts opening up to the world. They become aware of other people and how their actions can affect them. They even show concern for other children when they cry but may also throw temper tantrums as they struggle to understand and express their feelings.

This is also when you can start toilet training them and teaching them other activities such as riding tricycles and even get dressed. They have an extensive vocabulary, made up mostly by words they have picked up from you and other family members.

AT 5 YEARS - Milestone Cards

The child is no longer a baby or a toddler but more of a pre-schooler. They have already achieved most of the significant milestones and most of their time is occupied with play. They also understand a lot of words and their opposites and can express their feelings as well as their ideas and opinions.

Summarily, children are different and will therefore not reach their milestones at the same time. Have patience in them and do not rush them. If, however, you feel concerned about your child’s development, do not hesitate to speak with their doctor.

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