July 27, 2017

Do you want to “Pimp Your Baby’s Room”?

That’s great!

There are a lot of reasons you need to prioritize your nursery home décor. This is going to be your baby’s most inhabited place, and therefore you should make it as heavenly as possible.

Do you know you could reap more benefits than just aesthetics?

Nursery home décor for intellectual development

As a parent, you want the best for your baby, and so you have prioritized warmth, safety, and beauty as your primary pillars for decorating their room.

However, you should know that your child’s intellectual ability get improved by what they interact with in the environment.

Through the sense of touch, smell, sound, and sight your baby’s cognitive ability develops. It is important that you fill their room with decorations that stimulate eye-hand coordination.

Paint the room in bright colors and have their play toys in appealing bright colors too.

Don’t forget the ceilings

Your baby will spend most of their time lying on their back; it’s, therefore, important that you prioritize decorating the ceiling more.

Paint the ceiling in strips of bright colors and decorate with animal shapes. To spice things up, consider hanging paper art decorations.

Make sure they are decorated in high contrasting colors like red and white or yellow and white. This develops their brain and vision. 

Nursery décor creates focal point

At their age, your baby doesn’t know how to keep calm by themselves, and that’s why they cry when you’re out of sight.

Giving them something to focus on may be the beginning of teaching them to settle by themselves. A bright colored square or glow-in-the-dark bulb can provide a good focus point.

You can create the best nursery for your baby by considering aesthetics. More interesting is the fact that if you blend the right colors and shapes, it will be serving three purposes at the same time, learning, aesthetics, and entertainment.

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