January 14, 2019


The health of a mother is usually a priority until the baby arrives. All attention shifts to the newborn and everybody forgets about the mother, sometimes even herself. It is, however, essential to know that the physical, mental and emotional health of a mother is crucial in the wellbeing of both she and her baby. As the most basic explanation, when the mother is unwell, she may not be able to take care of the baby as well as she should. Here are a few more reasons why the mother should stay healthy:


This may be the biggest reason why you will need to take good care of yourself to make sure that you recover and remain in good health. During pregnancy, the mother’s health almost always translates to the baby’s. Any kind of sicknesses, infections or unhealthy habits may endanger the baby:

  1. Unhealthy eating may increase the chances of the baby being obese as well as having diabetes.
  2. Too much coffee may lead to severely underweight babies
  3. Smoking, whether first or second hand, may affect children mentally and cause aggressiveness in later years. It can also cause asthma and other respiratory problems
  4. Mental health is equally important. A depressed or unhappy mother may risk miscarriage or a deformed baby.
  5. Make sure you go out and bask in the sunshine. Low levels of vitamin D translate to a series of problems starting with pre-eclampsia to the risk of diabetes in the baby

The health of the mother also direly affects how well the baby is taken care of after pregnancy. You must eat well to ensure that you produce enough breast milk. Also, allow yourself time to recover from delivery and stay in good shape.


Your family needs you even when you are taking care of your child. Your husband or partner and your other children need you. You have to stay in good shape so that your family does not constantly worry about you and your baby. Eat well and take time to recover. Also, you can get products that assist you in taking care of your little one, such kids chairs, car seat capsules, baby cots and baby changing accessories. 


Do it for your own self. Do not put yourself through unnecessary emotional torture or physically strain yourself too much. You can only settle down to an even pace when you allow yourself to heal. Pamper yourself without going to the expense of others. You deserve it.


  1. Eat as healthily as you possibly can. Avoid too much junk (it may be hard when you are strongly craving chocolate and sundaes) and have an expert draft you a diet plan if possible. It is important for the baby’s development before birth and milk production after delivery.
  2. Do not worry too much about anything. Depression is not healthy for anyone. Consult with an expert if you are having a hard time managing your stress.
  3. After delivery, take time to heal. Avoid strenuous exercises before and immediately after birth.
  4. Make your home environment a place you can relax without any disruptions.

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