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Why Do Some Babies Take Longer to Sleep Than Others?-Bubs Warehouse International Pty Ltd

Why Do Some Babies Take Longer to Sleep Than Others?

Sleep is a major issue for mothers. It is one of the hardest things to deal with especially in the first few days after delivery. Babies barely sleep through the night which means that the mother will not be getting any shut-eye either.

The case, however, may differ for some babies which is why there may be a puzzling difference between your firstborn’s sleep schedule and that his siblings. If your baby won’t sleep through the night do not blame yourself.

Here are some reasons why babies take different sleeping patterns:


As it turns out, babies take quite a while to adjust to their new environment outside the womb. For nine months or so, they have been thriving in a warm and cosy environment, suspended freely in warm and nourishing fluid and doing nothing more than sleeping, kicking and eavesdropping.

They are then born and introduced to a world where they HAVE to breathe (what!), open their mouths and suck (no!) and wear clothes for warmth. How dare you give birth to them! If they could talk from birth, you’d probably get quite the scolding but since their only way to communicate is by crying, they make sure they do it effectively and more than efficiently. More importantly, they make sure you remember it in the middle of the night.


Every baby is born with an instinct that they have a mother who is supposed to be with them all the time and protect them. This is why the baby will kick and scream whenever they find themselves in the hands of none other but yours truly. Imagine how the baby will feel when they open their eyes and find themselves alone in bed in such a terrible, terrible world!

On a serious note though, babies can sense distance and will get lonely and scared whenever their mom or dad is not around. The baby may also wake up due to hunger, discomfort (for instance, when the nappy is full,) or when they are too cold or too hot.


A few theories have been put forward to try and explain this and even though some may sound outrageous, they may offer a solution to your night-waker problems, keep your maternity dresses laid out just in case!

One points at evolution and cites the examples of hunters and gatherers who only slept two hours a day. Another explains that babies wake up at night and sleep during the day as some sort of protective instinct that makes sure that their caregivers are around to look after them.

Whatever theory you buy (that is, if you choose to go with any), we have to admit that such lack of sleep at night can actually help protect your baby from SIDS.

Conclusively, your baby has a reason for waking up at night. Check to make sure that everything is fine in terms of feeding him, changing his diapers and adjusting temperatures. With time, he will fall in sync with your sleeping pattern.

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