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When you've just about given up on sleep

When you've just about given up on sleep

5 activities to do when it’s night time but you’ve just about given up on sleep

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Oh yes, we’ve all been there. The nights where you hear the sound of the dummy drop again and you think ‘&!@)(&*@!.’ The nights when you pretend to snore so your hubby thinks you’re asleep yet simultaneously prod him because it’s definitely his turn this time. Those nights where you’re up for the fifth time and you wonder whether there’s any point going back to sleep…

And let’s be honest with ourselves, sometimes there is…just…no…point…trying to sleep (at least for a few hours anyway).

So in those times, instead of tearing your hair out and scouring the internet for the millionth article on baby sleep training (surely once you get to the 11th page of Google, you’ll find one that works?!?) here’s a couple of things you can do when you’ve decided that sleep might just not be happening right now:

1. Mentally redecorate your baby’s nursery

Already decorated? Course you have, but you never know right…a new look could be just what your little one needs to get the sleep vibes.

If you want to start small with your redecorating, consider adding some Forest Friend or Cupcake wall stickers to brighten up your bub’s room.

If you’re up for something more adventurous, a whole new look can be achieved with some colourful cot sheets or a new quilt.

2. Try all of your favourite teas…cold

Oh yes, drinking cold tea is now totally the trendy thing and also a much safer alternative when you’re around your bub, so if you’re going to be awake anyway, stay hydrated and see what the hype is all about.

We recommend brewing a few of your faves and then working your way through them, especially if you’re breastfeeding as it’s a great way to stay hydrated.

Alternatively, feel free to brew your teas hot…we all know that there’s a high chance they’ll be cold by the time you get to them anyway 😊.

3. Netflix and chill

Say what?!? Oh yes, this used to have a different meaning pre-baby. Sure, it might be a tad frustrating getting interrupted during the climax of your favourite show, but nonetheless, if you’re going to be burning the midnight oil anyway…why not do so with the cast of Orange is the New Black right by your side.

Word of advice, though: Try to choose something light-hearted and fun as you don’t want nightmares further interrupting your sleep (when and if it happens!).

4. Stalk down your school friends on Facebook and congratulate yourself on your achievements

You must have gone to one helluva nice school if there wasn’t just one person who you always wished might not, err, win at life. Whether the apple of your eye was your school captain or the girl-cum-supermodel who always picked on you, now’s the time to seek your sweet revenge.

Stalk away on good old Facebook and rejoice at how much cuter your bub is and how for sure your husband is better looking than hers.

5. Swipe through the day’s photos of your baby and let your heart melt

By the evening on any given day it shouldn’t be unusual for you to have amassed between 10 and 10,000 new photos of your little one that you need to sort, apply filters to, and then post onto your social media account of choice.

But before you do that, take a bit of time to look at just how beautifully sweet and peaceful they looked while they slept for the majority of the day.

And rest assured, mama, they’ll be like this again tomorrow and (eventually) during the night, so try not to stress and enjoy some guilt-free activities while you can. Check out the latest organic outfits and sets in Australia and our best seller range. 

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