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What You Need To Know About Nappy Bags

What You Need To Know About Nappy Bags


If you have a baby then you know that you will need to carry an awful lot of things for them whenever you are leaving the house. Such includes diapers, baby powder, an extra set of clothes, the milk bottle, comforters, pacifiers and so on. It is only logical that one gets one bag to carry all these items. Nappy bags come in different types, sizes and for various functions. You will have to choose carefully to fit your baby’s requirements. Here are some factors to consider when purchasing a nappy bag:

  1. The material

Nappy bags are made out of many different materials from vinyl, leather to chiffon. The baby business is messy, and you may have to clean the bag a lot more often than you thought. For this reason, be sure that the bag’s material is easy to clean and does not weaken after a few rounds. Faux leather and vinyl are ideal in this case.

  1. Design

Your comfort and convenience will dictate the make of your ideal nappy bag. You may need one that you can carry with only one hand as you hold your baby with the other. In this case, a tote-style or messenger bag will be ideal, especially when you intend to cover a short distance. You may also need both hands to be free to do other things. For your hands-free needs, a back-pack nappy bag will be perfect.

  1. Comfort

Make sure that the nappy bag is comfortable. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time adjusting it. When buying one, check to make sure that the straps are wide. Thin ones may hurt your hands or shoulders especially when you are carrying heavy stuff. They should also not slip off easily.

  1. Function

Your nappy bag should have enough compartments to ensure that you will be able to carry all that you need. Others even have specially designed compartments for specific items such as an insulated pocket for the baby’s feeding bottle.

Inside the Nappy Bag

  1. Baby wipes – You will need a lot of these. Babies are generally messy, and you will need to wipe their little hands now and then. You will also need them for cleaning their bottoms when changing their diapers. They should be stored in an airtight compartment to preserve moisture.
  2. Antibacterial cream – This is essential for application after changing dirty diapers. They help prevent rashes and burns.
  3. Extra clothes
  4. Burp clothes
  5. Nappies or diapers
  6. Baby pain relievers – You never know when your baby starts crying inconsolably because of a fever or other unexpected illness. These could be very helpful before reaching a doctor.
  7. Baby blanket – It could get suddenly chilly. You don’t want the baby to catch a nasty cough.
  8. Baby toys – Your baby needs to stay amused and busy while you attend to other things.

Basically, the most important things to consider while getting a diaper bag is the material it is made of, its design, function and your comfort.

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