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What to Expect in The First Month as A New Mother-Bubs Warehouse International Pty Ltd

What to Expect in The First Month as A New Mother

Being a new mother can be intense, especially with the realization that you are now responsible for another life. The experience is full of ups and downs and it can take a while to get used to the fact that you are now a mom. From the moment the nurses give you the baby to hold, it starts dawning on you that it is now up to you to raise that child and that is the beginning of the sacrifices, the sleepless nights and mommy duties that you only saw your mother do. Here are some tips to give you a heads-up before your little bundle of joy arrives:


Many mothers can’t help but take a long hard look at the baby, especially after arriving back home. That’s okay. It helps you understand what exactly you are in for. The baby will probably not stare back and will flail their little arms and legs wildly, demanding attention.

One of the toughest things new moms have to deal with so soon after leaving the hospital is their wounds. Everything from showering to going to the toilet becomes a struggle but it only gets better with time. Your nipples will probably be tender too and you may wince a little the first time you breastfeed the baby.


Honestly, you won’t get much of it. Not for the first few days.

Your baby will nap whenever they can but it does not mean that they will sleep peacefully through the night. Mommy will have to get up at least once every two or three hours to check up on them. Coupled with adrenaline and your wild baby blues, you will certainly get exhausted. Don’t worry, it doesn’t take long to get used to it.


New-borns love to eat, and feeding the baby is going to become a frenzy. Here’s what you will probably have to deal with: baby wakes up in the morning and breastfeeds. You make a quick 10-minute breakfast and feed her again before eating it. You also feed her again after eating, at which point she may fall asleep. Put her down gently or wake her up and have to feed her again. A few hours later she wakes up and needs to feed. Basically, a large percentage of your days will be spent feeding the baby.


Babies cry a lot, sometimes for a good reason and sometimes for no reason at all. You will need to make sure that she is not hungry, too cold or too warm, bored or sick. The frustration will kick in so try to get some support from your partner, friends and other family members.

Conclusively, being a new mother is not easy unless you have a perfect child who sleeps, feeds and plays without a fuss. With time, however, it gets better and you get to watch your baby grow to a toddler girl or boy, all the way to a pre-schooler. Enjoy the experience to the fullest while it lasts!

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