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What To Do When Your Baby Starts Crying

What To Do When Your Baby Starts Crying


Much to the chagrin of many mothers, babies cry a lot. Sometimes it seems like they do so for no good reason, but there is always one. It may drive any mom crazy especially when the baby cries persistently even after efforts to sooth them, but it is essential to know that it is very normal.


Physical causes

In most cases, the baby will cry because of variations in physical factors such as discomfort, temperature, hunger or plain irritability. You won’t always be able to soothe them quiet unless the problem is loneliness. Here are a few things to do to check for such factors whenever the baby is crying:

  • Check the temperature. Your baby should be at an optimum temperature; not too hot, not too cold.
  • The nappy or diaper should be dry.
  • Their clothes should not be too tight
  • Check whether the baby is hungry. They may try to suck on their fingers, move their head like they are searching for the breast or open their mouths like they expect something to be put inside. Make sure they are well fed. Also, check to be sure that the breasts are appropriately drained to improve the milk supply for the next feed.
  • If you see any concerning physical changes in your baby such as reactions to allergies or fevers, rush them to a pediatrician as soon as you can.

If your baby does not stop crying immediately after correcting whatever is bothering them, try to cuddle them and sooth them gently for some time. You can also try the lulla doll as a sleeping companion for your little one. 


This is also very common among babies. It seems as though the baby is crying for no good reason. It can get very annoying especially when it goes on and on. The baby may go into a crying fit any time whether during the day or night due to minor discomforts.

Fussy crying can be solved quickly by gentle soothing or cuddling. A pacifier may do the trick.

Sleep crying

Technically, this is not crying. The baby may whimper a little in their sleep, usually as they transform from light to heavy sleep. It is wise not to wake them up. It does not last for long.

Persistent Crying

This is just about the most frustrating thing any mother has had to deal with. The baby will cry incessantly for long, and all that you can do is hold them and try to sooth them.

Colic Crying

This is similar to persistent crying. The baby is still adjusting to their new environment with the discomforts that come with it.


Whatever you do, do not ignore the baby. Try to find out what is wrong and change their newborn baby clothes. If the baby is just fussy or colic, just comfort them by rocking or cuddling. Do not take it personally if they won’t stop crying despite your hard efforts. If you feel that something is wrong, be sure to see a doctor about it. Remember that a healthy, well-fed and comfortable baby is a happy baby. You can keep them comfortable in some of Bubs baby clothes online

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