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Wearing Your Baby for Travel

Wearing Your Baby for Travel

Babywearing I quickly gaining popularity and it's not just for the convenience. It has many benefits to both the baby and the mother, which is why it has been a common practice since ancient times in traditional civilizations. Wearing a baby reduces fussiness and calms the baby down, which often leads them to sleep. This is great for mothers who have a hard time putting their babies to sleep. It also encourages bonding between the child and the mother, which promotes healthy social and emotional development. Babywearing when travelling is particularly beneficial, and this article highlights some of the reasons you should do so too:


Imagine pushing through crowds of people with a infant carriage or pram.  The baby could easily get knocked over with a slight push. They could get hurt. You would also have to keep excusing your self to let the baby through and considering that people have different levels of courtesy and politeness, you'll have quite a task. Let's not even talk about the germs, infections, dust, sweat and everything else the baby could get exposed to. What about the stairs and high curbs? Imagine having to lift the pram and carry it up. 

The baby will be much safer on your chest, and you can maintain a reasonable distance from the crowds. You can make your way more easily protecting the baby and avoiding rude stares and responses, especially if you are at unfamiliar grounds.


If you are travelling through places with poor infrastructure such as roads, you'll have quite a hard time pushing a pram along. Potholes and rocks will leave some severe damage on the stroller, and you'll find yourself needing a new one real soon. You can imagine just how uncomfortable the whole ride will be, not only for the baby but for you. If you are looking to have a calm stroll with a quiet baby, then you should wear the infant


When you wear a baby, you hold them on your chest with secure cloth or straps. Their weight balances out evenly, and you will take longer to get tired than if you were carrying them in your arms or pushing them in a pram. Your hands are also free, so you can do other things like carrying luggage without letting go of the baby. 


Unlike a stroller which you'll have to drag around everywhere, babywearing helps you carry the baby anywhere you go. This is not only convenient but also safe for the baby you can hike with him in your back and even catch a quick ride or flight 

Conclusively, babywearing is the best way to travel with a baby. It is safe, convenient, comfortable and will let you enjoy your trip.

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