September 05, 2017

Traveling with a baby can be an exciting time for families. It can also be incredibly stressful if not planned properly and executed with care and precaution!

As fun as it can be, traveling with a baby does have its challenges. Here's some of our tips on traveling with Bub:


Whether it’s seats on a plane or rooms in a hotel, book well in advance. The last thing that you want is to arrive at a destination with tired children and nowhere to stay. Call your airline to find out if they charge any extra to bring your own car seat or stroller along, or if they offer any free service. Bring items such as corner protectors and masking tape so you can baby proof your hotel room upon arrival, using the masking tape to secure loose items and electrical outlets.


There’s no excuse in not stocking up on appropriate newborn baby clothing and footwear for your baby when experiencing a new climate. If you have a little man, then check out our baby boy clothes. Babies will feel changes in temperature with more intensity than adults, so it’s important to research and stock up on appropriate items to smooth the transition.


Use your smartphone or tablet to prepare for the time differences that will occur on your trip. This can affect the baby’s sleeping pattern and feeding times so it’s important to prepare for the changes and make the journey nice and smooth for you and your children.


Feed your baby during takeoff and landing to help their ears pop, and keep them hydrated. Non spill snack cups are also great for toddlers so they can snack throughout the flight and keep them occupied. 


If you're going on a driving trip, limit driving time between 6 and 8 hours and take a break every 2 hours for any nappy changes, bathroom breaks and play time. Sitting for long periods of time in a car seat isn't good for Bub and they can get very restless and uncomfortable over long distances. 


If you’re travelling to a country that may have a heightened risk of contracting infections or diseases, make sure you and your children are covered. Ask your family doctor what injections or antibiotics may be needed for the country that you are travelling to, make sure your insurance covers your children just in case they become poorly.


When exploring a new town or city you may be doing a lot of walking around. As you know, babies get very heavy trying to hold them over a long period of time (even for dad), so a comfortable baby carrier can go a long way. This helps ensure you and your baby are comfortable during your travels and adventures throughout the day.


Having a large enough nappy bag is a must-have when traveling. You want to make sure you have one with easily accessible compartments where you won't be holding up other passengers in the middle of the plane isles as you're trying to quickly search for a nappy, baby wipes and a new outfit after Bubs had a poo-splosion! Backpack nappy bags can really go a long way when traveling by distributing the weight evenly over your back, allowing you to carry more of Bubs items and keeping your hands free, because it's hard enough trying to carry a baby let alone a big bulky nappy bag.


As your baby gets older they get more active and are constantly learning and developing new fine motor skills. Bring some of their favourite toys to keep them entertained throughout the flight or drive, as well as some new ones they haven't played with before to stop them getting bored and restless. 


Traveling with a baby isn't always as bad as some people make it out to be! Each child is different. It's important that at the end of the day you all enjoy yourselves and your time together as a family. Whether you're moving house or going on a holiday, your first time traveling with Bub can be a much easier experience than you think as long as you're prepared. For all the latest toddler clothing trending in Australia, check out Bubs Warehouse.