July 14, 2017

Toys Aren’t Just For Fun; They Immensely Improve Your Kids’ Cognitive Ability.

“My son is a spoiler, you buy him toys, and he breaks it within minutes.”

If you’re a victim of the above statement then it’s time you upgrade to something more positive, say, “My son will be an Engineer, he is assembling cars at only two!”

Sounds funny? It’s true!

Play is important in a child’s life as he develops attitudes, coping mechanisms, and creative solutions. He will grow with these skills.

Apart from these, children learn how to deal with differences between their playmates, and social bonds are created through play.

Most of the leaders you hear about today began their roles as children. Ever realized that in a team of five children, only one makes the decision that all of them follow?

Yeah, this could be your son. 

Do toys improve cognitive ability in kids?

Children are very curious and inquisitive. They are always trying to know everything in their environment. They do need sufficient time to play and toys that’ll spark their curiosity in trying to make sense from their surroundings.

Some toys can add more fun in the learning process. When buying a toy for your child, you should go for something that works mysteriously. For example, find something with motion ability and not a stationery doll with no moving parts.

“How does it move”, “why does it rattle?

Haven’t you seen these questions in your son’s eyes whenever he plays? It is his bid to find these answers that’ll open a new world of creative growth and development to him.

When he can’t find answers to these questions, ordinarily he will remove the parts of the toy and fix it again just in a bid to figure out how it works. This phase is essential, and you should be very supportive. As funny as it may seem, buy him more toys and let the “destruction continue”!

Your child needs the right toys to inspire creativity and challenge his thoughts. His solutions to “toy problems” will be useful for his growth. Visit our store and get toys that will improve the learning ability of your child.

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