February 22, 2019

In the past few years, circumcision has proved to be quite a controversial topic among parents. Some do it for religious, cultural or health reasons, and others oppose it strongly, “our son is born perfect, we don’t need to change him.” Many Australian families are opting out. If you have a baby boy (or are expecting one), then you may find yourself having to make that decision real soon. Here are some facts, pros, and cons of circumcision that will help you and your partner make the right choice for your baby boy:


  1. It is usually done on the first or second day after the birth of the baby.
  2. It involves removing the foreskin covering the penis in a surgical procedure.
  3. The older the baby gets, the riskier it is.
  4. In the Jewish tradition, it is practiced on the eighth day after birth.
  5. It can take anywhere between ten minutes to one hour depending on how old the person or baby being circumcised is.
  6. The wound heals within a week.


  1. It helps in the prevention of balanitis and other diseases of the foreskin and the glans.
  2. It reduces the chances of contracting urinary tract infections.
  3. It helps reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections when the baby grows up.
  4. It offers a reasonable degree of protection against penile cancer. The sex partners of circumcised men also have lesser chances of getting cervical cancer.

As a mother, it is hard (almost impossible) to think about your little bundle of joy growing up to be man with a dynamic sex life. It is, however, inevitable. It may be up to you to consider these benefits (as well as the disadvantages) while deciding whether to have your son circumcised or not. Remember it does not only benefit him but also his future sexual partners.


  1. The pain is excruciating, which is why the baby had better go through it when he can’t tell what he is feeling, rather than when he starts recognising pain. It will break your heart to hear him scream in agony.
  2. The wound may get infected, leading to further complications.
  3. The bleeding may not stop in time, and the baby could end up losing much blood.
  4. The baby’s glands will be irritated, and you will know this better when he suddenly bursts into tearful fits whenever he pees.
  5. The opening of the penis may get inflamed which translates into more pain for your little one, especially when they pee.
  6. If not done correctly, the procedure could cause an injury to the penis.

Conclusively, nothing much changes whether you choose to circumcise your baby or not. Both circumcised and uncircumcised men lead equally normal lives. As you make this decision, however, remember that your boy will grow up and go out there.

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