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This Is What You Need To Know In Preparing For Birth

This Is What You Need To Know In Preparing For Birth


Pregnancy is all fun and games until the actual delivery day, or at least, that is a general perception. At some stage in their lives, every woman has probably heard the horror stories surrounding child-bearing, totally mitigating the positive information, pregnancy support and even how chic women can look in maternity clothing. In fact, these have even caused some of them to change their minds about being mothers. The truth, however, is that it is a wonderful experience, and nothing blesses the heart more than a woman giving life. Here are some things that you need to know about giving birth, most of which no one tells you about:


First of all, the water never breaks ceremoniously and splashes at your feet as you watch in shock. Movies have really overdone this one. It breaks and flows slowly, almost like you are peeing uncontrollably.

Second, it may not happen all at once. You may wake up to a rude surprise that you have been oozing water the whole night and it may not stop long after that. This is where that fat maxi pad comes in.

Lastly, breaking water does not mean that you are going to start labor immediately. It may be hours or even a full day before you feel the first contraction. Don’t go running to the hospital like crazy.


You may picture your ultimate nightmare as pushing the baby out. The image of pushing a football through a tennis hole is enough to give anyone the shivers. Well, for most women, the worst part was the contractions. Once they are over, you can take a deep breath and look forward to brighter days. The contractions come after the water breaks and begin as regular menstrual cramps before quickly escalating to something I wouldn’t want to describe for the sanity of those of us expecting a child any time soon.


By the time you get to the delivery ward with those contractions making a wreck out of your body, you probably won’t mind that long needle that will go somewhere around your spine. You will actually be thankful when those excruciating evil contractions stop, and your entire abdomen goes numb. Before you know it, you will be drifting off to sleep only to wake up hours later with a baby on your chest. This may not be the case for women who will prefer to go natural, who can use a baby bathtub or give birth in a larger pool. 


This may be disgusting even from the beginning, but you need to know about it. You will feel an urgent need to use the toilet for a long call but guess what? The nurses will not let you. This is partially because you may end up dropping your child in the toilet and also because you may not make it there in the first place.

No woman should be afraid of giving birth. Yes, you will feel the pain, but later when your little bundle of joying is snuggling on your chest all wrapped up in nice-smelling towels, you will not regret a moment of it.

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