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Things About Your Baby That You Should Not Worry About-Bubs Warehouse International Pty Ltd

Things About Your Baby That You Should Not Worry About

By nature, mothers are Marthas, biblically meaning worriers. They worry about when their babies will sleep, for how long, when they will wake up, what they eat, what they will wear, when they will bath, what they should do when they cry and many, many other things.

While the worry is justifiable (to some extent), some of it is just unnecessary. Much as they are delicate, babies are also hardwired to survive with just enough care. Here are some things that many mothers worry about that they should not:


Sure, you may want to grab the fastest ambulance to the hospital if the baby falls and lands on his fontanel, otherwise known as the soft spot. Touching him there, however, is something completely different and does not really need as much panic as many mothers give it. The fontanel is present to help the baby make his way out of the womb easily so considering the pressure it has experienced during birth, touching it is nothing to worry about. The baby’s brain is safe and secure under the thick scalp covering it so you need not worry.


This sounds insane in many levels but many baby girls actually get a little period in the first week after birth. You will see this when you find some blood in their diapers.

The maternal bond is very strong, both physically and emotionally. A surge in your estrogen levels will get to your daughter’s little womb and stimulate it to produce some blood. It should, however, not persist nor should the blood be too much. No need to worry though, she will not be having another one for a decade or so.


You may rush your precious bundle to the hospital for crying too much only for the doctor to tell you that the baby is just bored. Infuriating, right? Well, babies are full of surprises.

All babies cry and for many different reasons. It may out of hunger, too much heat or cold, they may be frightened, loneliness, sickness or just plain stubbornness. If you check and you are pretty sure that nothing is wrong with yours but they are still crying, do not worry about it. They may look like crying hurts them but it does not. It's actually healthy!


This may also come out as a little odd but the baby, especially a girl, may come out with some pretty sizable boobs for a baby. Okay, not so sizable but considering that she is just a baby, you may be worried sick about it. Maternal hormones can be blamed for this and they will flatten out pretty soon. It’s pretty common, actually.

Conclusively, you need to stop yourself from worrying too much about your baby. They will be just fine as long as you feed them well and give them all the love and care they need.


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