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The Nappy Bag: What To Carry-Bubs Warehouse International Pty Ltd

The Nappy Bag: What To Carry

The sight of new mothers dragging around huge bagfuls of baby supplies is unfortunately very common, and perhaps the saddest thing is that some still manage to forget the most important things. Nothing ruins a good day faster than having to change your baby away from home then realizing that you left the baby wipes back home. Until they are old enough to get one of our better toddler backpacks in australia you'll need to settle for one of our stylish baby bags. For such reasons, it is advisable that you create a list of items you want to carry around the next time you are packing. And if you are visiting Melbourne, Sydney or any of the other cities; pop into a store to see what you like, then compare the prices online. This makes sure that you don’t carry too many unnecessary things and also that you don’t leave out the essentials.

Here is a simplified guide on what goes into the nappy bag depending on your baby’s age:


These will need that bagful. Items to pack include:

  • Nappies (or diapers) – For the average baby, four should be enough. That will, however, depend on how far you will be for home and for how long. Some babies may soil theirs more frequently than others which means that they may need more nappies. You should at least know how often you change your baby on an average day.
  • Baby wipes – These are quite obvious; you will need to wipe the baby clean before putting on a fresh nappy or diaper.
  • Changing mat – Very essential when you don’t have a clean surface where you can place the baby as you change their nappies.
  • Bum crème – This takes care of rashes and minimizes irritation
  • Disinfectant spray – Your hands need to be clean before you touch their delicate skin, and after you change the nappy.
  • Extra outfits for both of you! – Babies always make a mess of themselves – and everyone else around them – an incredible number of times. You don’t want both of you walking around smelling like, well, you know.
  • Bag (plastic) – This is for the disposal of the nappy after changing
  • Sunscreen – If you are going to expose the baby to the sun at any point.
  • A warm and soft blanket and a feeding shawl
  • Something warm if it gets really cold.


You will need everything listed above plus:

  • Toys – Your baby is now more alert and could use some distraction as you drive or wherever you will be going, make sure the toys are disinfected in case she puts it in her mouth.
  • Food – This is important especially when you won’t be back home in time for their usual meals. Bring along a puree, some soft cereals or finger foods that you could feed them when they begin yawning and crying for food.
  • A clean baby bottle or sippy cup – For water, juice, milk and anything else liquid you may need to feed the baby.


Everything else listed above plus a few more items such as cooks and crayons to keep them busy. You may have to leave behind things such as the feeding shawl and changing mat and carry fewer diapers too.

Remember the key is to carry just enough.

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