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The 'Mum-Bod': What’s the Big Deal

The 'Mum-Bod': What’s the Big Deal


Since time immemorial, women have been dealing with the pressure to look extraordinary. You are not considered appealing enough if you don’t have a bust spilling out of your vest, glowing skin, thick hair, puckered lips or even a sizable bum. You can, therefore, imagine the lengths that females in society are willing to go to meet these expectations. And all this is directed towards the average woman. What about moms?



Society has now created the ‘mum-bod’ concept that is driving women crazy all over the world. As you may know, the body of a woman undergoes significant changes during pregnancy and birth. They tend to gain a considerable amount of weight which is more noticeable after birth. This new look is what they refer to as the mum-bod. Often, they will need to reassess their wardrobe for suitable maternity clothing 


We all want to blame general society for these terms, but we can’t help but notice that women are the ones shaming each other, starting with the supermodels whose bodies are considered to be perfect.

If a model, particularly one that appears in the covers of luxury magazines, terms something as and or disgusting, it automatically becomes so. This is because women are trying to look like them and live by their standards.

One such model has recently turned heads after declaring her body a mum-bod six months after giving birth. The irony of it all is that her body looks excellent, almost like she had not been pregnant. She is even appearing on the cover of a luxury magazine for the January 2019 edition and looking at her latest photos, we can’t help but wonder what mom-bod she is referring to.


While this may be one of the most cliché empowerment lines you will ever hear, you actually need to understand that it is the ultimate key to confidence and to some extent, happiness. Supermodels undergo intensive training exercises, thrive on classy diets and generally lead a lifestyle that would not come close to anything an average woman goes through.

You don’t have to hit the gym right after giving birth so that you can have a body fit enough to look like the models. It is not even healthy! You need plenty of time to recover and take care of your baby. Take the time to get some pregnancy support and just know that As your baby grows, you will have more than enough time to get in shape.


Every woman has a different body which will change differently. The supermodel mentioned above probably had strict diets to adhere to both during and after pregnancy, carved out by the most expensive nutritionists and dietetics, all to make sure that her body remained good enough to appear on the catwalks weeks after giving birth. We don’t all have that.

Love yourself and spare your body unnecessary pressure all just to conform to those standards. You can also start shopping for all your infant wear at Bubs Warehouse - this can be quite a convenient distraction. 

If she has a mum-bod, then what about the ordinary mums who can actually see some changes in their bodies? Give yourself time to recover from all that trauma and understand that you do not have to look like anyone. 

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