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The Benefits Of Feeding Your Baby Organic Food

The Benefits Of Feeding Your Baby Organic Food

Is it Important To Feed Your Baby Organic Food? 

Babies are very delicate, and what they are fed significantly determines how well they grow up. There are some foods you could supplement with breast milk, using your breast pump; however the aim is to ensure they get as much nutrition as possible. Nutritionists have, however, proved that organic food has many more benefits compared to inorganic foods which have also turned out to be quite harmful. Whether you feed them in a booster seat, high chair or in their nursery furniture, there are some benefits for going organic which might surprise you. 


Organic foods are grown using living matter with little or no use of chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers. They are not processed using irradiation or food additives.

Here are some benefits of feeding your baby organic food:

  1. The most important reason is that organic foods limit the baby’s exposure to harmful chemicals which is the same reason why adults choose the such food. This saves your baby from adverse effects that could lead to serious complications.
  2. Inorganic foods contain fewer nutrients as most of them are destroyed during processing. Additives to prolong shelf life and improve the taste also reduce the food’s actual nutrition. Organic foods are therefore the best chance for giving your baby the best nutrition.
  3. Organic foods have little or no risk of causing allergic reactions in your baby, unlike inorganic foods that are pumped with chemicals that could easily trigger such hyper-reactions in babies, especially those with conditions like asthma.
  4. Any mom can turn organic foods into anything they want: they are quite easy to use when trying new recipes. As long as no chemicals are added, they will remain healthy and tasty no matter what they are turned into.
  5. Organic foods contain the essential nutrients required for the overall development of the baby.


Sometimes when shopping, you have to look beyond the label to know if the food you bought for your baby is really organic. Here are some ways of telling whether it is:

  1. Organic foods have a richer, fresher and more natural smell
  2. They cook faster than inorganic foods
  3. Each item has a different look, i.e., various shades of yellow. Inorganic foods seem to have a more bleached look because of the processes to create uniformity.
  4. They are not usually as large as you would imagine except in special cases where fruits and vegetables are grown organically to giant sizes.
  5. They taste much better and often require fewer spices.
  6. The ingredients. Make sure that they at least don’t have petroleum-based preservatives.

That said, be sure that your next shopping for your baby food is organic. Chemicals and preservatives used to preserve inorganic foods could prove to be very harmful to not just your baby but also the rest of the family. Some of these effects are only seen in the long term when they are harder to treat. You know what they say- prevention is always better than cure!

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