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Signs That You Are About to Give Birth

Signs That You Are About to Give Birth

It reaches a point during pregnancy that you're just frankly tired and very ready to be unpregnant again. You're just fed up with the whole process, and even though you know that you have a beautiful thing in you, you are now ready to get it out of you and into your hands. Well, it is hard to honestly say that you enjoy every minute of it and so when you realize that your due date is near, you can't wait to give birth. Except, of course, for the thought of the sheer pain you will have to go through first before bringing your darling son or daughter home.

Here are a few things you won’t help but notice when the due date comes around the corner:


This may not be a surprise considering that your belly has been growing continuously throughout the pregnancy, but it is usually in the last days that you realize that only four or five of your clothes are actually wearable. Your dresses all become t-shirts, your pants don't even go past your thighs and the shirts, well, they are just there.


Pregnancy comes with a considerable amount of weight, and it's just not the one in your belly. In the final trimester, you look in the mirror and see just how chubby you have become with shiny cheeks and the pouty lips you always wanted. On top of all the weight, there's the swelling. You are puffy everywhere; on your hands, feet, face, thighs, arms, etc. Yup, you are about to give birth.


Yup, the belly does all the work for you. You walk into a grocery store, and everyone is looking at you like you may just project a baby right on to the floor. You will notice the kind smiles and polite nods as everyone ushers you to the front of the line ever so delicately. Those who can't hold themselves back will even let you know that they think that you are about to pop.


When you are in the last few days of labor, you suddenly become very conscious of hair, nails and pretty much everything else that will be laid open for the doctors to see on the delivery bed. You schedule pedicure appointments like crazy, and you cringe at any single hair on your body anywhere except on your head.


You will get particularly engrossed in preparations for the baby. It is understandable considering the fact the next time you leave for the hospital you will come back with one (or two). You buy everything needed to prep the nursery, clean up the house and disinfect everything.

You may experience other signs, some not as pleasant as others but it will all be over when you hold that baby in your hands. It is essential to watch out for your mental and physical health through it all. Remember that some cases of PTSD are caused by events that happen before childbirth.

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