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Reasons Why Kids Don’t Listen And How To Handle It In a Positive Way

Reasons Why Kids Don’t Listen And How To Handle It In a Positive Way

Ever wondered why your children don’t seem to listen at all? There are several contributing factors to selective hearing among children. Thankfully, many parents can relate and you’re certainly not alone.

But in fairness to our children, we all exhibited this trait at some point in our lives and we can hardly blame them for that. 

So, what exactly happens and how can you solve it? Here are a few reasons why this could be happening and how you can change it.

1. Lecturing Your Kids

Apparently, children may choose to respond or ignore you based on the nature of your tone. So, instead of bombarding their heads with too much talk all the time, you should remain brief and stick to the point.  

Your kid’s attention span is ridiculously short and the longer you take speaking to them, the harder it becomes to maintain focus, leave alone communicating your point. 

2. Using “Detestable” Words

How many times have you used negative words such as “No,” Can’t”, or “Don’t” when addressing your kids? Other words such as the “You” statement won’t do you any good either as they only show that you are attacking your kids directly. 

By using such words, it would seem that you are pointing a finger at your kids which puts them off by making them feel threatened. The next time you are addressing your kid, be selective in your choice of words to effectively drive the important message home.

3. Failing to Capture Your Kid’s Attention

In today’s fast-paced world, well-known distractors exist in form of mobile phones, social media, and video games. Shockingly, many parents always start talking out of the blue without first capturing their kid’s attention. Failing to understand just how fast children lose focus when they are busy doing other things. 

Proper eye contact is key to effective communication and you should start by first getting your kids’ attention

4. Using a Compelling Language

Bossy parents have never found it easier to manage their kids. Why? Because they use a compelling language even for kids who enjoy freedom. Give your children the freedom to respond when they are in control to prevent potential clashes which would only make them want to avoid your presence.

5. Failing to be a Good Role Model

This really hurts, doesn’t it? Kids will almost certainly imitate your actions which explains why it’s easier to shape their character at a younger age. If you are an effective listener then they will likely copy the same. 

The opposite is true. So, it helps to be extremely careful with your choice of words and actions while in their presence to help shape them into good listeners and all-round individuals.


As hard as parenting can be, you owe your kids the best version of yourself. Your kids will never listen to you at all times and this is pretty normal. Don’t live in despair when workable solutions exist to ensure the problem doesn’t exacerbate. Now, what remains is to work closely with your kids to shape them into better individuals.

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