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Problems You Will Face After Birth and How to Deal with Them-Bubs Warehouse International Pty Ltd

Problems You Will Face After Birth and How to Deal with Them

Pregnancy and childbirth have never been easy both theoretically and in practice. From the overwhelming symptoms such as the dreaded morning sickness to the contractions and the pain during the delivery to the soreness and aches after giving birth, no one can dispute that a good measure of strength is needed to get through it all. It, however, pays quite handsomely and the moment you have your little bundle of joy eyeing you warily and wriggling so adorably on your chest, all is forgiven.

Here are some of the common problems you will most likely face after pregnancy:


  1. Weight loss – After months of gaining weight and growing your belly an inch every day, it may feel peculiar when you wake up on the delivery bed feeling very light. You may even miss a few steps when you try to walk, expecting to carry all the weight like you always did. You will lose even more weight as you breastfeed your baby on your way to get back your pre-pregnancy body. This may be seen as a problem or a good thing depending on who is looking.
  2. Constipation – This is almost guaranteed whether you had a vaginal birth or a caesarean section. This is usually caused by iron supplements that you may have been taking. It can also be a result of the apprehension you may have about making a bowel movement, considering how sore your perineum is. You can use stool softeners and drink plenty of fluids to ease the struggle.
  3. Urinal incontinence – You will experience this after vaginal birth as the bladder is a little lose. Try out some Kegel exercise to help tighten your pelvic muscles and get your V back to its previous shape.
  4. Sore breasts – Giving birth triggers the production of milk so that your breasts fill up and get sore if you do not feed your baby. Milk them when they are full, and the baby is not hungry and use some ice.


  1. Baby blues – You will almost definitely find yourself teary in the first few weeks after pregnancy. You will also snap easily at anyone who seems to be getting under your skin, and it is okay. Baby blues are caused by hormonal fluctuations and fade away soon enough.
  2. Irritability - These are usually attributed to lack of sleep as you will need to stay awake for long periods to take care of the little one. In time, however, you will both fall in sync, and with some help, you can get enough sleep.
  3. Postpartum depression – It may be a little hard to tell whether you are suffering from postpartum depression within the first few days after birth. It is characterized by persistent feelings of sadness, stress, exhaustion, dejection and frustration weeks and months after birth. Seek medical and professional advice if you suspect that this is what you are going through.

All these problems don’t last very long after birth. Embrace them, try to go through them positively and prepare for better days ahead with your baby.

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