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Pregnancy Dos And Don’ts – Create The Conducive Environment!

Pregnancy Dos And Don’ts – Create The Conducive Environment!

Pregnancy Dos And Don’ts – Create The Conducive Environment!

“Congratulations! You have a son” or “your daughter has a healthy weight.”

Every expectant woman dreams of delivering a healthy baby one day. The sparkle in your husband’s eyes as he comes to the bedside of the maternity ward is something you’ve yearned for, and subconsciously you’ve even begun rehearsing how you’ll react!

I got you!

Just like any other expectant woman has every right to a healthy baby, your dreams are just beginning to take shape.

Every time you lay your hands on your baby bump, your love grows for the little one.  So you need to do everything right!

Do get enough sleep

In all the trimesters, your body will go through exhaustive hormonal changes. Even if you’re working in your office, schedule to have sleep breaks to give you rest and conserve your energy levels.

Six hours isn’t enough, give yourself 8-9 hours of deep sleep every day. Without enough sleep, you’ll experience a lot of fatigue which isn’t safe for your baby. 

Don’t smoke

Have you ever heard of physiological nicotine addiction? If you smoke during pregnancy, your child might begin smoking early in his life because of it.

You also risk bearing a child with lower birth weight!

Do Exercise

Do you dread some health issues that afflict women during pregnancy? A proper workout is a perfect prevention shield to these problems. When you incorporate an exercise routine into your pregnancy life, you’ll avoid insomnia, muscle pain, excessive weight gain, and mood swings. Amazing!

Don’t drink too much coffee

You love coffee? I know, during pregnancy you might try anything to give a mood boost. Just take a cup of coffee not multiple shots!

Caffeine can increase the heart rate of your baby, and this isn’t safe for the unborn!

It is such a beautiful thing to give life, but it also comes with responsibility.

Avoid anything that might inflate your risk of miscarriage or giving birth to an unhealthy child. Visit our store for best pregnancy wears and children essentials. We’ll be glad to know your needs.

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