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Packing Your Hospital Bag for Labour

Packing Your Hospital Bag for Labour

Your bundle of joy is on its way, the nursery is decorated, you have a multitude of baby clothes, and you’ve maybe even chosen a name. But, there is one to-do item that is important not to forget - deciding when and what to pack in the hospital bags for mum, bub, and your significant other.

Once you’ve hit around 34 weeks pregnant, it’s prime time to start preparing the hospital bags in preparation for bub. So, to lend a helping hand, we’ve put together an essential checklist for mum, bub, and partner without overdoing it.

Hospital Bag For Mum

This is entirely up to you, but here are some items most mums recommend to help them feel more comfortable during labour and after birth. 
  • Photo ID, insurance information, birth plan (if you have one), and hospital forms. 
  • Smartphone and charger.
  • Toiletries: You’ll need all the usual stuff - deodorant, body wash, hairbrush, dry shampoo, facial wipes, toothpaste, toothbrush, moisturiser, and prescriptions. 
  • A ponytail holder and a stretchy headband to help keep your hair out of your face during labour.
  • Cash and Change: Bring at least $30 in cash for snacks and any other random cravings. 
  • Several pairs of undies (maternity or high waisted ones are usually what other mums recommend).
  • Sleepwear.
  • Rope: The hospital usually supplies one, but it’s generally nicer to have your own. 
  • Flip-flops: For the shower and the trip home as your feet are usually swollen.
  • Slippers and grippy socks: for when you are walking the hospital before and after giving birth.
  • Nursing bras.
  • A sweater in case you’re feeling chilly.
  • Soft pillow: The pillows may be uncomfortable in the hospital, so consider bringing a piece of home with you.
  • Nipple cream.
  • Nursing pads.
  • Non-perishable snacks and candy: Need we say more?
  • (Optional): Music, movies, and magazines: Load up your phone with anything that you might be wanting to binge. It will help distract you and your partner, especially during a long labour.


Hospital Bag For Bub

Packing for bub can be a little more daunting but don’t worry, they don’t need all that much. Here are the must-have essentials that you will want to pack in your baby's hospital bag:
  • A coming home outfit.
  • A few warm blankets for the car ride home.
  • Newborn nappies and wipe.
  • Six warm onesies, singles, socks (depending on how long you need to stay in the hospital for). 
  • Baby hats and mittens.
  • Pack around 4 muslin cloths to wrap baby 
  • You’ll also need to ensure that you have your baby capsule as you won’t be able to leave the hospital without it. 
  • Baby Moisturiser.
  • An approved car seat: this is extremely important for bubs safety!


Hospital Bag For Partner

I’m sure the checklist for mum and bub will be thoroughly checked, but don’t forget about your partner in crime! You’ll both most likely stay a night or two (potentially even more) in the hospital, your significant other will need a bag with their overnight essentials. Here’s what you can put in your partner's bag:
  • Their phone and charger.
  • Two changes of clothes in case they stay overnight.
  • Their toiletries: toothbrush, deodorant, etc.
  • Non-perishable snacks (and cash for them to go buy food).
  • Camera with spare batteries, charger, an extra memory card.
Once you’re thoroughly satisfied with the checklist for mum, bub, and partner, all you need is to pack the items in three separate bags and stash them either in your car or near the front door ready for baby’s arrival!

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