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Nappy Bag Checklist: 17 Essential Items to Pack

Nappy Bag Checklist: 17 Essential Items to Pack

Most parents remember the days when heading out of the house meant quickly being able to grab your wallet, phone, and keys and rush out the door.

Well, if you’ve just given birth or about soon to be, you will need to be a lot more organised.

Now that your precious bundle has arrived, you get to trade in your cute side bag for a gigantic nappy bag with ten compartments that contains everything apart from the furniture in your house.

First time mums tend to overdo the nappy bag packing when heading out for the first time, but you don’t need a pillow, ten baby outfits, the entire toy section in target and snacks to last a week.

So, we’ve put together a Nappy Bag essential guide for all the new mumma's out there.

First things first...

The Nappy Bag

We recommend investing in a good quality nappy bag that is useful to carry all your baby ‘equipment’ in. You could be using this nappy bag for 4+ years depending on how many children you have.

What to pack in your nappy bag

This is what we believe to be the essentials without overdoing it. Obviously, mumma's will still need to pack their wallet, phone, and keys, etc.

  • Nappies. You will need at least one nappy for every two hours that you’re out. Pack a few extra to be safe!
  • Wet Wipes. Find a great travel pack of wet wipes to keep permanently in your baby bag.
  • Plastic nappy bags. Use them for soiled diapers for when there isn’t a bin nearby
  • Nappy rash cream: Save space and buy travel sized tubes
  • Changing Mat. Your bag might come with one, but you might need one that is a bit larger.
  • Dummies.
  • Bibs for bub.
  • Food for baby. Depending on what stage your baby is at, this could be infant formula, pumped breast milk, baby food or finger food snacks. Pack accordingly for the day, and of course, you will need to pack water for toddlers.
  • Hat/Beanie. A seasonally appropriate topper for the sun or cold.
  • Change of clothes. Two clothes would be best - accidents are inevitable!
  • Toys. A few items to keep baby entertained that fit comfortably within the bag. Great options could be small rattles and teethers.
  • Light Blanket. It’s always good to have one on hand when there are unexpected weather circumstances, i.e., wind and harsh sun.
  • Breastfeeding cover.
  • Tissues.
  • Hand Sanitiser.
  • A change of top for yourself.  It will come in handy for unexpected vomit
  • Panadol for you and bub.

Once you’ve got everything you need for bub, don’t forget about you!

What are your nappy bag essentials? Do you have any essential nappy bag tips that you’ve picked up along the way? We would love to hear!


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