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Myths & Facts About Babies

There may not be many other times in your life that you will be given unsolicited advice more than when you are pregnant. Everybody wants to chip in and tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. It is worse when you are a new mother and you can’t help but listen for some clues on how to be the best mum your baby could ever have. The problem with most of this advice is that it is largely made up of myths. Some of the information is not true and while most times it may be harmless, you may also hurt your baby without knowing it. Here are some of the most common baby myths and the actual facts:


Well, for starters, most parents really don’t have a problem with spoiling their baby. Who wouldn’t want to give that little chubby fuzzy bundle of joy what they want?

In reality, however, this myth is largely untrue. Remember that your baby’s best way of communicating is by crying which means that they will scream their hearts out whenever anything is wrong (and even when nothing is wrong.) The best way to comfort the baby is by picking him up and rocking them back and forth in your arms or on your shoulders. This not only comforts them but also enhances the bond between the two of you. It does not, in any way, spoil them.


No, you don’t need to bathe your baby every day. The only critical areas that need to be cleaned every day include the nappy area, the neck, face and hands. You can easily do this by wiping them with a wet cloth. Some babies, however, enjoy their bath time so you can wash them every day just for the fun of it. Otherwise, babies are the cleanest humans and don’t need thorough scrubbing every day to stay that way.


Babies start teething at around the same time they start developing other infections. Remember that your baby’s immune system is not developed enough to handle some infections and diseases. If your baby starts teething and develops a fever at the same time, you should not assume that the former caused it. Instead, let the doctor take a look at them and see whether anything else could be bothering the baby.


No, they should not unless the weather conditions outside do not permit a casual outdoor stroll. Everybody needs and wants some fresh air including your baby, and a nice visit to the park or a short walk in nice weather will refresh both of you. This myth is probably founded on the fact that the baby is delicate and prone to infections and accidents but on the contrary, the outdoors help to build his immunity.

Conclusively, it would be wise to actually research on what is actually right for your baby instead of blindly following advice from other people, some who don’t even have experience in motherhood.

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