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How To Keep A Healthy Marriage As New Parents

How To Keep A Healthy Marriage As New Parents


Having children will make you change your life priorities, and in most cases, the marriage falls victim. It is not uncommon to find couples that became distant after the birth of their child. Unfortunately, the state of affairs may deteriorate very rapidly and end in bitter divorces. This is sad because the whole family is founded upon marriage, and even the baby’s development is likely to be affected by such splits. Here are some ways to keep your marriage happy through and after pregnancy:


Commitment is the one thing that will keep any relationship or marriage together. It means devoting time, energy, resources, energy and pretty much everything else to the union. Commitment to each other may seem to wane after the delivery of a baby as most attention shifts to the newborn. It is common for men to feel like the third wheel and even take it personally.

As the mother, it is your responsibility to ensure that both your husband and baby are well taken care of. Much as you will be taking your time to recover and take care of the newborn, do not sideline him too much. Be there when he needs you.

As the man, you need to understand that the baby will always come first. At least in most cases. It is nothing personal, only that your newborn is completely vulnerable and needs both you and his mom. It is okay, however, to let your wife know if you feel that you have been left out for too long.


Marriage is never a smooth lane, much less after the birth of a new baby. There are bad habits your partner will have that will drive you crazy. It may be the continual leaving of the toilet seat up or dirty, smelly socks everywhere. It is important that you remember that you saw the good in your partner when you got married.

You should, therefore, try to overlook the bad and see the good in them. This is one way to keep both of you happy while also being awesome parents. Remember that it is never a good thing for any child to see their parents going at it, especially for insignificant things.


Your partner may never know how you feel about things if you do not say it. They will not know whether you appreciate them or like their new outfits. Compliments go a long way in keeping the love between you strong. In a world full of negative energy, be the one to see the good in them. Tell them that you are happy to be their partners and that you like their cooking. The results will surprise you.


No one is perfect and even the calmest and easiest to please person will once in a while get very angry. In such cases, it is better to avoid confrontation until you are in a state of mind where you can reason out without being rude or saying hurtful things.

Marriage is a beautiful experience but not always a smooth journey. It is up to you to keep it going for the benefit of the whole family.

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