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How to Cope With Colic – Get off The Full Blown Crying Mode

How to Cope With Colic – Get off The Full Blown Crying Mode

Are you going through the stress of endless crying? It can be overwhelming trying to calm down a colic baby so don’t think of yourself as a bad mother – It’s not your fault!

To deal with a colic baby you’ll need a lot of patience and stoicism to keep smiling through the nightmare.

So we’ll guide you through a few hacks to help calm your baby;

Give Them a Warm Bath

When a baby keeps crying for over three hours, you’ll need something to interrupt their routine. A warm bath is a good way to interrupt this crying routine.

Lukewarm water feels good on the skin of a baby and will help soothe them to silence. Fill a bottle with lukewarm water and place it on their tummy. The warmth might be all they need to calm down.

Make Rhythmic Sounds

Another sense that babies use a lot is their sense of sound. Make rhythmic noises with your tongue until they're compelled to pay attention and ‘dance’ to the rhythm.

Also try swooshing sounds of electronics such as the fan, washing machine or relaxing instrumentals or white noise on your smartphone.

Maintain Quietness

Your baby may be the type who doesn’t love movement and noises. Try them with silence and let them enjoy their solitude.

Rock Your Baby

Leaving your colic baby in the cot alone doesn’t help calm them down, rocking them slowly back and forth as you sing lullabies may give him the motherly touch they crave.

Rocking bub also creates the distraction from their lengthy cries and may result in total calmness.

You are not the cause of your baby’s condition. Colic babies aren’t a curse either. After four months they will be able to calm down and stop their endless cries. Be supportive and patient during this period.

To help your baby you might need some toys to engage them so that they stop crying.

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