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Here’s Why Nappy Changing Won’t Be A Walk In The Park

Here’s Why Nappy Changing Won’t Be A Walk In The Park

Children come with their fair share of problems, and you will never know certain struggles existed until you are going through them yourself.

One such challenge is nappy changing which some people consider more of an art than just a routine practice. Babies always choose the most random times to be fussy, and if this is when you have them down on a table with your face inches from their legs, things may not go so well for you. Changing a nappy needs a lot more patience than many people could muster.

Here are some of the reasons it's not as easy as you think it is:


If anyone ever needed more than two hands, it was when they were changing a nappy. Let me try and break this down to a more imaginable and understandable lingo: 

Find a good surface to change the baby on and make sure its a strong support and clean. Carry the baby there and place them in a position that is safe for them and convenient for you. Unbutton their clothes while holding them down or the little bundle of energy will simply kick their way to the floor in just seconds. Remove the clothes fast of they will get their small flailing arms all tangled in a few minutes. Loosen the diaper and remove it while still holding the baby down and reaching for the baby wipes or napkins. Fold the diaper, dispose of it and quickly place another one back on before you are bathed in pee or splashed with poop. Wipe them clean, use baby powder to take care of the extra moisture and latch on the new diaper, while still holding them down.

Yup, multitasking is a skill.


You probably know just how challenging this is if you love travelling. It gets to a point where you can't find a secluded place to change your baby's diaper, yet you know you have to do so as fast as you can. You get a nice bench you can change the diaper but, for some reason, its always in the middle of everyone's field of view. That is when the rude and questing stares begin and you all but want to be the focus at the moment. Then comes the poop stuffed diaper you have to get rid of, and everyone is watching to make sure it goes in the right place. It is never easy.


It’s like the acne you knew what caused but had no idea how to get rid of. Nappy rash is caused by too much moisture left on the baby’s delicate skin when changing diapers. The levels of severity range from mild to severe and if not well taken care of, they could be very painful for the baby. Make sure you dry your baby properly before putting on a new diaper.

In conclusion, changing a diaper is tough, but with some help, you can get it done quick and easy.

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