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Getting Back To Work After Giving Birth

Getting Back To Work After Giving Birth


Some women enjoy the period between their sixth or seventh month of pregnancy to the first month or two after delivery. Everyone is so nice to you, your boss even calls to check up on you, your partner  pampers you in all the ways he can and your kids try their best to behave. You wish that it could all go on forever but your responsibilities catch up and you have to get back to your previous life which includes work. There are numerous financial considerations in preparing the nursery furniture, organising baby toys, and nursing bras etc. It is never easy, especially since now you have a young one that needs you to be there as much as you can. Here are some significant things that will come up as you transition back to a working mother:

Your Priorities And View of Things

Your view of things will change after you deliver your baby. You may notice that you are looking at the same things in different ways. This is because you have a new order of priorities to consider while making major decisions and adjustments. Be sure to create enough time for your family as you work. You don’t want to be the mum who comes late when your baby is asleep and leaves early before she wakes up.

Positive Energy And Productivity

You will amaze yourself and everyone else at just how efficient you will become in the office. No one is more productive and works faster than a mother who just can’t wait to leave the office and run home to her little bundle of joy.

Overwhelming Responsibilities

You have been lazing around at home for a month or two now, taking care of your newborn and recovering. Then suddenly, you realize that you need to go to work and try hard to make up for the time when you were away, and that you have to start hitting the gym to get back your figure, and that you are someone’s wife who needs to prepare delicious dinners, and that your other kids still need you. The best way to go around this is to do one thing at a time and find help where possible. For instance, you can hire a house help for your cooking and cleaning needs and cook for your family when you can.

Worrying About The Baby

You may be concerned that your darling baby may miss you while you are away but guess what? They barely notice that you are gone! Babies do not develop a sense of time until they are at least six months old. Their brains are also not well developed to make memories yet which is why they will not look at you differently when you appear in their vicinity after disappearing for eight hours.

Do not overwhelm yourself with too much. Take each day as it comes and you will that raising a child while still working is not that hard after all. Do your best in the office then make the most out of the time you have with your baby.

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